Jhumkas have been in India for centuries now. Women have adorned themselves with these bell-shaped earrings since the golden era of Devis and Apsaras to the majestic era of Mughals.

Bollywood has made this piece of ornament even more desirable. Sadhana, a popular actress dropped it in bareli bazaar and rued about it how it all happened!

Needless to say, this is one kind of jewelry that will never go out of style!

So, what is the story behind jhumkas?

Festive occasions especially marriages in India are times when women flaunt their most beautiful and expensive jhumkas. But, most importantly jhumkas carry with them traditional values and notions. It is said that when it hangs or moves, a jhumka attracts positive circular sound frequencies towards the ear, protecting a women from the many distressing sound frequencies. This helps eliminate negativity in their lives.

A bride is usually gifted a jhumka with blessings of staying peaceful and strong during the next phase of her life.

The many facets of jhumkas

Untitled design (2)-min
Traditional indian Jhumkas

Traditionally Jhumka has various forms depending on the material available locally and the culture of each region. For example Hyderabad loves pearl jhumkas, Jaipur celebrates its artistic flair with kundan/polka jhumkas , the Mughal era made meenakari jhumkas famous and in the Southern part of India you will mostly find pure gold.

Modern jhumkas have evolved a lot and have come a long way from these traditional designs to more contemporary designs. These are not just innovative but comparatively affordable as well. Some of the materials used are terracotta clay, quilled paper, felt and Polymer clay.

Untitled design (12)-min
Polymer Clay Jhumka by Koral Tree

Polymer clay has a many advantages over the rest of the material – besides looking absolutely gorgeous, it also makes your jhumkas extremely light-weight. So, now you can wear your extra-large jhumkas without it weighing your ears down. In comparison to other material and metals, polymer clay jhumkas are more affordable – look stunning without making a hole in your pocket!

Koral Tree and our love for jhumkas

Untitled design (4)-min
Lotus Trance Jhumka by Koral Tree

At Koral Tree, we specialise in making striking jhumkas with polymer clay. These kinds of jhumkas are still very novel which makes them the fresh new trend! Our designs are mainly influenced by nature. Floral contours, peacock-shaped ornaments, earthy designs, cool blue colours of the ocean and much more!

Be it for a wedding or for an official meeting, get that elegant and confident look with our jhumkas. You can pair these up with sarees, kurtis, palazzos, skirts or even maxi dresses. We have unique earrings to match your every look!

Check out our limited edition here.



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